The term Brand / Branding has been used for thousands of years, originating with the Egyptians, and is so prevalent in our cultural language today.

At it’s simplest it’s about making a mark to distinguish one thing from another.

However there are so many questions, discussions and confusions such as:

  • What is Branding and What isn’t ?
  • What is necessary for something to be a brand ?
  • What is the value of brand and how can it be evaluated ?
  • How do you design, develop and grow a brand ?
  • Is there a good / bad brand ?
  • Is a brand just a logo ?
  • Does branding work the same in every market and business ?
  • Does a brand have to be known globally and universally to be useful and valuable ?
  • Is there only one way to create a brand ?
  • Do you have to / is it best to keep refreshing / optimising a brand ?
  • How does a brand relate to a Customer Avatar™ ?
  • How does Branding relate to Positioning, Marketing and Sales ?