What is Branding / Brand ?

This is such a simple question with quite a complex real answer.

Part of what makes us unique as We Design Brands™, is that through decades of real world experience and application – not theory – we understand the nuance of what a brand is and can make possible.

So when we work with our clients – Founders, Owners, Businesses, Groups & Visionaries – to design brands, we bring our unique perspectives so the journey to a successfully designed brand is smoother.

What’s in a brand ?

We could come up with any logo – slap it on and go home .. job done.

However that’s not branding, and designing a brand is way more than the logo – it’s becoming and being a brand.

What’s included in a brand ?

In a word.. everything .. You, your ideas, your dreams, the people you work with.

When it’s designed right.. a brand lives in a thriving ecosystem loved and nurtured by people & it’s tribe.

Your Brand is about who you and your business are being. This includes your company values, culture and how you engage with your customer avatars and the wider world. It’s your unique essence that we need to first identify, bottle and then communicate so it can be shared optimally.

That essence is what clients and customers come to know, trust and follow, and if it’s not translating in what you create – especially onto the page or screen – then you might be finding that frustrating.

We get to know you and your brand in full immersion.

If you are just starting out – we love that .. in fact that first spark of an idea is one of our favourite things & is such a special honour – to help forge that with you creatively. We can get involved from the earliest stages even before you’ve named the idea and the business.

Sometimes you know what’s in your head but you need a person who can see what you see and create that vision .. we know the frustration in not being able to translate what you want through a designer that doesn’t get what’s in your head.

Equally if you are an established brand it’s rewarding to help you move into a new space that evolves for your future and beyond. Brand evolution is essential for brands to thrive.

So, let us be the tool to help you design your brand..
that pen, that pencil that window to your ideas.


The term Brand / Branding has been used for thousands of years, originating with the Egyptians, and is so prevalent in our cultural language today.

At it’s simplest it is about making a “mark” to distinguish one thing from another.

However answering the questions “What is branding?” and “What is a brand?”, today requires real depth and nuance to really understand and get the value.