Ready for a Thought Experiment ?

This is designed to give you some insights into the way you consider brands and the way brands can shape your thinking and focus.

Imagine you are celebrating .. and you have a great reason to celebrate.

  • Where would you be ?
  • Who would you love to be there ?
  • What would you be doing ?
  • Eating ?
  • Drinking ?
  • Wearing ?
  • What gifts would you want to receive ?
  • What gifts would you want to give others ?
  • How would you get there ?

Now imagine.. what if you had a budget of a hundred times what you think you would need and you had to spend it (and it’s not “your money” and no “downsides”)

Would anything change in your answers above ?

  • How would your answers have changed if we’d asked you a year ago, or a decade ago ?
  • Could branding and brands have played a part in your answers ?
  • What did you notice during this thought experiment ?


Celebrations and celebrating are some of the secret weapons when We Design Brands.